Saturday, May 23, 2020

Events, New Room and Garbage Collector Winner!

Hey Everyone,
So another exciting update in the world of Chotopia.

Firstly, we had another Agent Event! It was some Hangman with Agent Megs. Everyone met her in the Agents Underground on May 21st and they had a blast! I was unable to attend this event and super disappointed because it looked so much fun - but there will always be more that I can attend! :)

We also had another event last night which was Night Of Titans. Everyone congregated to Robots Arena for a night of battling it out to see who had the best Robot. Again, I forgot to attend this which is a really big shame because my Robot could've done with the extra fights!

Next up we have a new addition to the game which some users have already spotted. Secura-Cho! So if you load up the Daily Spin section you might notice a mysterious grey wheel shape icon that looks like below:

Now, if you go ahead and press that icon you should have a screen that looks something like this:

So this is the hub of Secura-Cho. The aim is to crack the code and receive the prize. The downside is that the Chotopia Team haven't really given us much information other than "The codes are not completely random. You can find the codes. There are 10 codes in total and you get 5 guesses every 24 hours."

We also have a new room coming to Chotopia in the near future.

That's right, it's an even bigger Game Zone! The reason for this is when we have Games Nights there is never enough boards for everyone so they've decided to create this entirely new room which will replace the existing Game Zone room as it utilises a lot more space, meaning more room for games!

Tacodung (the designer) had this to say: "The Game Room will actually be replacing the original game zone, adding places to play the current games, as well sliders, checkers, and chess all in the same area. It will be more of a hangout spot."

And lastly, we have the results from the Garbage Collector Contest! Some of these scores are insane but as you know we can only have 3 Winners.

Congratulations to Blaine, Miray and Wrongplanet!
Blaine will receive a Chistochob Flag, 7 days of Citizenship and 15,000 Bugs!
Miray will receive 5 days of Citizenship and 10,000 Bugs!
Wrongplanet will receive 3 days of Citizenship and 7,500 Bugs!

Congratulations winners and well done to everyone else that took part.

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Agent Event, Party and New Journalists!

Hey Everyone,
So another incredibly busy week in Chotopia!

Firstly we had a new Agent Event yesterday hosted by Agent Kay. It was a Cho-throw Competition!

I unfortunately couldn't attend but from the sounds of things everyone had a really good time so I will be sure to be around for the next event!

Speaking of which, we have a new party today! It's a Butterfly & Ladybug themed party and it will be at Shop Square at 6PM Cho-time.

You might also be wondering why my Name Tag is now purple and why I am holding a feather... That's because the Chotopia Team also announced a whole bunch of new Journalists for May!

As well as myself we also have Anna, Bebot, Shower and Realm who have now become Journalists. Their blogs are linked on the right hand side of this post - be sure to check each one out as they all have done an amazing job at keeping everyone updated on the latest news and events on Chotopia!

Lastly, there is also an Agent Poll which you can vote for your next Two Agents! You can vote on the poll by clicking here. Each of the candidates have been selected for their contributions to Chotopia and with their incredible helpfulness towards new Chotopia Users.

Cast your votes wisely! :)

All for now,

Monday, May 18, 2020

Technical Difficulties (Update)

Hey Everyone,
As you can tell I have had to create an entirely new blog, and whilst I really don't like the lack of graphics, it loads a lot quicker and faster on both Web and Mobile browsers.

Obviously I have a lot to do in regards to re-uploading some of the pages that have been lost, changing the header to something slightly better etc - so I just wanted to thank you for remaining patient with me whilst I resolve these issues and I will get this back up and running in no time.

All for now,